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Thread: Anyone Like Facebook?

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    Thumbs up Anyone Like Facebook?

    As we had 101 members on the boards yesterday it shows how much the GAGB has come along in a short period of time. Long may its growth continue.

    As I continue to strive to find more ways of keeping everyone occupied on here I thought I'd have a shot at trying to give the site more of a social networking theme for those that want it.

    I now have a Facebook Style theme available for anyone who wants to give it a go or is used to using Facebook.

    To change styles at any time just look at the style box with is at the bottom left of every page. You can click on the down arrow and select any of the available themes on here.

    Try the Facebook Mode to see how the site looks in that mode. It still has a couple of kinks that I need to square away but to all intense and purposes its good to go.

    Enjoy....... Its a blue theme by the way to keep the die hards happy.
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    I had a look at the Facebook mode, thanks for providing it as an option.

    I have a Facebook account but use it only for playing the Scrabble with friends and keeping an eye on the antics of our daughter out in Oz.

    I'm going to stick with the New Theme in green

    (These little pumpkins are rather cute for this time of year :wub: )

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    I quite like this. I haven't logged onto the forums for a while as I've had a lot of family stuff going on but thanks for all you are doing with these forums. Good to see they are going strong.

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