For GSAK and a Windows Mobile PDA running Memory Map.

Want full paperless caching, including (optionally) trig points, full cache listings, hints (even on Memory Map) and more?

All with one click?

PUP-Port v1.0 for GSAK is ready!

Grab the ZIP file, unzip it on your desktop, and follow the instructions within the contained PDF file.

This is based on using GSAK and a Windows Mobile enabled PDA.

The install may look long-winded, but there's no manual file copying / drag-and-drop, nor editing of .ini files etc etc, which I believe is a first.

Plus it's got full Trig support, and additional support for Motorway Mayhem, Sidetracked and more!

I'll support it primarily over at but will probs keep on top of things here, too.