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    forestferret Guest

    Default hello everyone

    hi everyone i am a noob to geocaching started a week ago
    anyway saw the link to this forum from simply pauls sig in the groundspeak forum and thought i would use this forum instead as i was fed up of looking at american related post i wanted to find and listen to geocaching stuff that was a bit more gb related so here i am
    as you can prolly tell from my username i keep ferrets i have 2 storm and lightning they are geoferrets in training lol

    i have ordered a garmin vista hcx witch should be on its way to me soon i hope i made the ribght choice ????

    at the min im using my nokia n95 with the geocahe navigator software witch i found ok if im in open feilds but went on a multi yesterday found the first micro ok but the main cahce was in a lot of tree cover and i did not find as my nokia is just not up to the job ...

    thanks for listening darren

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    Hi there and welcome

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    Welcome to the GAGB forums and more importantly welcome to geocaching. :cheers:

    A great hobby (as are ferrets). You made a decent decision going for a Vista HCx its a good model.
    "I Cache, therefore I am"

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    hello forestferret,

    I saw your post on the other Forum. I sense a new branch of geocaching developing: FerretFinders. Perhaps you should start planning for a new forum: The FFF - FerretFindersForum. :socool:

    There are some parallels with my own interest in HamsterCaching, which is another little-acknowledged sect within Geocaching.
    See here: HamsterCaching leaflet.

    In fact, the more I think about it, the more I can see how these two groups could get together to create a new variation on the game: Put out a hamster cache (a fresh hamster every week, naturally - we don't want to be silly about this) then - at a pre-arranged time - Release the ferrets! See who's FTF! (First to ferret).

    Welcome to the fun

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    forestferret Guest


    pmsl that was so funny hamstercaching :socool:

    as for setting up a forum for geoferrets i wouldnt have a clue how to go about it.
    i know how to do some stuff on computers but not something like that :
    anyway my boys are still in training at the min and im running out of tupperware to train them with and getting into hotwater with the other half lol

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