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Thread: downloadable maps for gps

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    forestferret Guest

    Default downloadable maps for gps

    im waiting for my garmin vista hcx to arrive ive been reading up on them and it seems the base map is not that good what i would like to know is is there anywhere where i can download os style maps (free if possible) that i can then transfer to my mem card to use on the gps device ?? not botherd about street maps etc as i dont drive and the other half has a sat nav for that but i would like some maps for caching walking etc for the more remote locations around the uk ??
    failin that is it possible to scan my os maps into my computer and convert the images etc ???
    many thanks in advance

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    forestferret Guest


    hmm been thinking it might be a breach of copyright to scan os maps so best not to go down that route

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    keehotee Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by forestferret View Post
    hmm been thinking it might be a breach of copyright to scan os maps so best not to go down that route
    I don't think you're comitting any offence if you scan maps that you've already purchased, as long as they're for your own use.

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    shane10x Guest


    hi im afraid not but if you find out let me no i had to purchase the top gb v2 maps they are accurate but not to detailed not as detailed as a normal OS map its a real shame i am realy disapointed with mine as i had memory maps on a pda and could have saved 300 thought that was much better the base map is rubbish

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    Wink Maps for Garmins

    As far as I can see the Topo maps V2 are very expensive (108 for UK, 52 for 1/3 of the country), for what they are, for a look at the quality see here.

    A free alternative from can be found here (with or without contours). More FAQ info can be found here.

    If they are not detailed enough, you can help the project along with your GPSr here.

    See tread on groundspeak forums here,

    Judge for yourself...
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