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    Another trigger asked by email about East Baugh Fell the other day - I've copied my reply in the off-chance that it's of any use to anyone else.
    Having been up East Baugh Fell back in July, could you envisage that it would be possible to descend direct from the pillar down to the main road (south), having gone up from the west along Ringing Keld? I see you came from the north - looks a real slog!!
    I don't think there would be any problem with the route you describe. It is steep going south from the summit, but not unduly so, and there's very little in the way of rock around. There's a cache nearby, which a couple of people have approached from the SW, might be useful.

    The route from the north was long, but mainly because of thick fog. The worst bit was getting lost trying to follow a Right of Way round Uldale House - we never bother with these things in Scotland, but I was trying to be conscientious and nearly ended up in the river for my trouble.

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    Sagina nivalis Guest


    Checking 25k on OS getamap, S from the trig it's Access land down to 300m, then a track leads down thru 2 fields to the RoW so it might just work. IIRC I went up from SW, Hind Keld(ish) - rough rushy pasture.

    Bit far south for you Bernie - did you get your passport stamped
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    My brother-in-law used to live in Leeds, so I've picked up a few round the city, and we 'met in the middle' for extended family holidays round about Kirkby Stephen a couple of times - which accounts for almost all my English trigs.

    He's recently moved back up though, so that might not happen in future. I do like the area though - it reminds me of home

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