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Thread: Calling all boiler knowledgeable type people!

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    Default Calling all boiler knowledgeable type people!

    I have an oil fired combination boiler. Living in Watford Northampton we don't have gas.

    Is it economical for me to leave the heating on all day and control with the thermostat and keep the house at a constant temperature? Or should I have the timer switch on in the morning for a couple of hours then in the evening for 5 or 6 hours? The latter involves heating the house back up from cold.

    Just wondering and seeking advice.
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    Get a modern digital thermostat and set it to go off when you don't need it. You can set the latest thermostats to reach a certain temperature by a certain time.

    It works out how long it took to warm the house to that temperature based on starting temperature, weather (ie heat loss rate), the particular house etc and will then turn on the heating so that it reaches your desired temperature at the right time without coming on far too early. You can also set different patterns for working days, weekends and override for holidays.

    This consumes considerably less energy than old thermostats or leaving it on.

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    Digital thermostat. Yeah, another gadget
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    Or two-way switch. Two thermostats.
    1. Normal, daily use ie when you're in. (Planning/logging caches*)
    2. Anti-frost, set to keep the home at a lower temp when not in. (Out caching*)

    * Added to keep on the subject of caching!
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