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Thread: Zagg screen protector

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    Default Zagg screen protector

    I read on another forum that Zagg screen protectors are very good, however at $12.95 a little pricey. Further research found some discount codes that are worth 20% but even so with postage from the US could still be a bit pricey. I went to Zagg's website put the code in, got the 20% off and then found they send it Royal Mail 2nd class free of charge so I guess they have a UK distributor. I've ordered one for my Oregon and they've given me two one time discount codes for friends to use. They are b3xk9p and z061nm. I have no connection with this company just a happy customer.

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    i just commented that i got a generic stick on cover from staples at very low cost and it's worked fine for several years now.

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