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    "L - Accounts

    Any member in possession of GAGB funds shall keep proper accounts of its use.
    Details of all income received and payments made shall also be copied to the designated Executive Committee member who acts as treasurer.
    A statement of accounts for the previous financial year shall be submitted by the Executive Committee to the members annually at the end of October.
    The Financial Year shall end on 30th September in every year."

    I just spotted this on the constitution. I wondered when the accounts are due to be published and can I have a look please?



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    paul.blitz Guest


    I'll bet it goes like this:

    Income : £Nil
    Expenditure : £Nil



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    Ah, I think we missed this because it was at about that time that our treasurer resigned. And no, there's nothing untoward there - his resignation wasn't unexpected as he'd had very little time for anything caching-oriented for quite some while. Stuart (StuartP), our new treasurer, is probably rather tied up with family Christmas stuff at the moment, but I'm sure he'll give an update soon.
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    StuartP Guest



    Here goes.

    01-Oct 2006 to 30-Sept 2007

    Incoming Donations £140.00
    Outgoing Expenditure £106.93 [Forum software purchase]
    Paypal Fees -£4.57

    Balance £28.50

    01-Oct 2007 to 30 Sept 2008

    Brought Forward Balance £28.50
    Income £0.00
    Outgoing £0.00

    Balance £28.50

    It should be noted that during the previous accounting period, some expenditure was made on behalf of the GAGB by members of the committee.

    The year to date leaves the GAGB in a stronger financial position that it has ever been, thanks to all those who have supported the GAGB by means of contribution of purchase of the 2009 GAGB Calender.

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