Periodically, but frequently, when I click on my bookmark for GAGB forums the browser appears to start to load GAGB - but then suddenly starts loading the Mozilla home page, whic opens.

I have tried clearing private data when this happens - but to no avail. All I can do is close down and re-boot.

It appears, for the time being at least, to only occur with the GAGB forums. Once it happens I can never open the forums. I can go to GAGB, say the home page or the landowner database no problem, but when I then click on the forums link.............Mozillaa

So I switch to IE and gues what happens when I load the GAGB forum.............MOZILLLAAAAAA

And if I go to another machine on our home network ----Well you have probably guessed it

Yet reboot and OK til the next time.

Any ideas