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Thread: What a Rip-off!!

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    Default What a Rip-off!!

    I was just browsing around and mistyped a URL. I ended up on one of those listing pages which had a link to here. Browsing the site I noticed their prices

    FOr instance, they will provide you with some sheets of paper with clues on for 140 and you do the rest. Think of the potential for us charging for providing information on caches, especially multi's.

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    "Our keen pricing in no way impacts upon our quality and service." :lol:

    Very keen indeed
    A cache a day ..

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    keehotee Guest


    Isn't this what Wherigo is rumoured to be destined to become???

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    ooooooh, saucy prices indeed.
    Ho hum!

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    I did one of these treasure hunts a couple of weeks ago, with a group of colleagues from my company's head office. It was an excellent experience, all of us involved enjoyed it very much, it worked flawlessly and in my opinion, it was good value for money.

    What you get is a very well-planned route, some nicely pitched clues which everyone was able to help solve, and a good range of interesting challenges to complete along the way. Crucially (for a corporate event where time literally is money), it takes zero planning or preparation - all we had to do was to order the packs, then turn up at the start point and open them.

    There's also the security of knowing they check it regularly, so you're not going to get halfway round and find a crucial clue's disappeared. Yes, there are a few exceptionally good multis around which are planned and maintained with the same degree of care... but really very few.

    Bottom line is that we were delighted with what we got for what we'd paid - and we appreciated that we were paying for the research and planning, not for the bits of paper. Whether or not it's good value is a completely subjective judgement, but calling it a "rip-off" is far too strong.


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    Looks like we're in the wrong game Folks, eh!
    I'm just going outside, and may be some time!

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    Like Morton I did one of these, but I think it was a different company. The one we did also had an autoresponder text service (more !) where you had to text the answers to the puzzles to get a letter, when you had all the letters you had to solve the anagram to 'win'.

    I don't know how much it cost but it was certainly well done and good fun.

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