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Thread: Groundspeak issues with Hotmail and MSN

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    Default Groundspeak issues with Hotmail and MSN

    Posting about this here because we've received several support requests about missing emails from Hotmail and MSN users, but can't respond to them because even our support replies are bouncing.

    If you use either of these email providers you may want to switch to another free service like Gmail. Groundspeak emails are being throttled for the umpteenth time and really our hands are tied. There is a chance you could get their attention by sending them a support request but if it were me I'd say myself some grief and just switch. I'm sorry for everyone who has to deal with this frustration.
    Thought id cross post this so users are aware.
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    Never had any problems with Hotmail not delivering GS stuff here - been using it for 3+ years now.

    Good to know there may be an issue if I suddenly stop receiving my (almost) daily mail from TPTB though - LOL.


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