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Thread: Loading hints onto a 60CSx

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    Default Loading hints onto a 60CSx

    I've spent all the hard earned pennies upgrading from a PDA to a 60CSx. I use GSAK to prepare and load the .gpx files. Is there anyway to load a bit more info into the 60CSx especially the hint (I gc with a 7-yr old) - all I'm getting at the moment is pretty basic info? thanks.

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    Hello There,

    You can get the hints on the 60CSX as POI via a GSAK macro, look at this topic

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    Default macros

    there are 2 macros which do what you want 60csxPOI.gsk and cachemateppc.gsk


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    Many thanks - great help. :socool:

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    I use 60csxPOI.gsk, and have it load basic cache details (no description, but hints, indication of recent logs and everything else you might need).

    Note that the caches are loaded as POI's rather than Geocaches. This is not really a disadvantage; assuming you have a micro SD card in place it means you can load a virtually unlimited number of caches.

    It is possible to load descriptions as well, but it gets a bit unwieldy if you do (unless you're only loading a handful of caches). Experiment a bit before using it in the field; for instance, if the hint is lengthy it will be split over duplicate POI's and you need to get used to this.

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