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Thread: "The Last Breath on Everest, the Pleasure and the Pain"

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    Arrow "The Last Breath on Everest, the Pleasure and the Pain"


    I posted this on the groundspeak forum a few weeks ago but it got deleted, thanks to someone they advised me to post it on here.

    I am sure there are some keen mountaineers, RAF enthusiasts and engineers amongst you geocachers.

    "The Last Breath on Everest, the Pleasure and the Pain" is a visual lecture by TED ATKINS, coming to Oswestry in Shropshire.

    Ted is an ex-RAF Chief Engineering Officer working on Scotlands Search and Rescue, he now has invented and developed the most widely used oxygen system on Everest, called the TOPOUT system. He led the first successful RAF expedition up Mount Everest, but as someone fell ill he led the evacuation - missing out on his own summit chance. Nevertheless he returned a few years later solo to trial this topout oxygen system he had just invented. On the summit, some oxygen cylinder he was expecting weren't present and he ran out. He was pronounced dead over the satillite phones, although a sherpa stepped over his body and saved his life by giving him his oxygen. Ted was then to determind to come home and develop his oxygen system and now is the system of choice by professionals.

    The lecture is at The Marches School, Oswestry, Shropshire at 7pm on Thursday 12th March
    Tickets 10 Concessions 8 Refreshments Included

    Dont miss out on what I am certain will be a great evenings entertainment, recalling some of Ted's finest experiences.

    For tickets or more information contact :

    Happy Caching

    James from Guess Who?

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    Feel slightly guilty about it getting locked but did get the advice to list it at high sports as an event.

    Its now on thier website so they should attract a few visitors.

    You may also want to post it at

    as well

    Good luck James
    "If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to serve as a horrible warning."

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    Vaguely 'on topic' ...

    I'm just about to start reading "Into thin air - A personal account of the Everest disaster" by Jon Krakauer.

    "On May 9th 1996, five expeditions launched an assault on the summit of Mount Everest. The conditions seemed perfect. Twenty-four hours later one climber had died and 23 other men and women were caught in a desperate struggle for their lives as they battled against a ferocious storm that threatened to tear them from the mountain. In all eight climbers died that day in the worst tragedy that Everest has ever seen."

    I was given the book by daughter's boyfriend, who said it was 'brilliant'.

    So... It's something different for me, amyway.

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