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Thread: Geocashing Jobs in Bracknell

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    Default Geocashing Jobs in Bracknell

    Hi Everybody,

    I have just joined. I have recently moved to Bracknell and therefor wondered if anyone would give me any tips on geocashing in Backnell.

    I have done geocashing in many different places such as Scarborough, York, Prague, an so on, but always new someone who would give me tips where to go and now I am a bit lost The area around here is quite different to wht I imagined and I just need some advice from an experienced soul I am also sure that I would find it much easier if the weather was not so dreadful right now ...

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    I don't live in Bracknell, but do visit on business from time to time. I can't give any advice on where to go, although I do know that there was a series of nano's on the back of street signs ("Sign of the Times" series), so at least you can get some numbers! Not sure if they are still active though.

    Depending on how you travel, you might want to look a little further afield; there are some nice rural areas not too far aware that are bound to have some good caches.

    I'm sure someone more local will be along to help!

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    Eliska Guest


    Thanks for your advice, really appreciate it! :socool:

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    Hello, and welcome!

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    Thank you, it was in my spam folder

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