Hello all, I'm seeking some friendly advice and as a geocacher this seemed a good place to come.

My other interest is bees. I am a sustainable beekeeper. You probably don't need the details but unlike traditional beekeeping, sustainable beekeeping is about keeping bees in a sustainable, cheap, and bee-friendly way; trying to put the bee back into beekeeping.

Anyway, we are having issues similar to the circumstances which I believe caused GAGB to be set up - in our case we refuse to belong to the national beekeeping body, the BBKA, who have got into bed with the major agrochemical companies (who in turn are poisoning not only the bees but us humans as well). We want to set up an online association similar to the GAGB which folk can join.

Any advice you have on your experiences would be greatly appreciated.


PS: If anyone is interested in keeping bees :socool: in a cheap, low-impact way, please email me - FollowMeChaps[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk