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Thread: Wanted - Ubewty

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    Default Wanted - Ubewty

    I am from Czech Republic, so be patient with my English skills, please.

    Can anyone help me to get back my coin TB182Y9 (dontīknow howto make this active link) which is now in hands of UBEWTY for a long time? This is my last hope. I sent a lot of emails to them via profile, but it seems that they are unactive. Is here someone from Portsmouth who knows UBEWTY? Please help.

    Greetings from Czech rep. Martin

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    The coin.

    The cachers.

    Hmm, the cachers in question haven't logged in since last September, and they've only got two cache finds, so things aren't looking very good.

    But I had a TB go missing for five months - it was taken by people who didn't have a account. Then suddenly they signed up, and placed my TB in a cache, so there's always hope!

    Good luck in finding them!
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    There isnīt really big chance, I know. Hope there is someone who knows these people.

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    It is SOOOOO frustrating when your geocoin gets picked up by very newbies (who seem to have every good intention at the time) and then they just forget all about it.

    You have my sympathy.

    Maybe they will remember about geocaching when they have their holidays this summer and hopefully they'll drop off your coin then.

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