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Thread: Is your forum clock correct?

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    Default Is your forum clock correct?

    BST began in the early hours of this morning, as most of you will probably know.

    Some people may find that the time in these forums is now an hour out - the time you see depends on your settings, not on the forums.

    If your time is an hour out then do the following:

    Click on User CP at the top of most (all?) forum pages.
    On the next page, in the left hand navigation bar, scroll down to Setting & Options and choose Edit Settings.
    On the next page, scroll down to Date & Time Settings.
    You should have GMT set for your Time Zone (assuming you're in the British Isles), and in the next box you should have Automatically Detect DST Settings selected.

    If not, then changing to those settings should put your forum clock right.

    Edit to add: You can check your current forum time by scrolling to the bottom of most (all?) forum pages.
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