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Thread: A little bit of begging

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    Simply Paul Guest

    Cool A little bit of begging

    As you may or may not know, I'm climbing Ben Nevis to attend my own event at the top on June 30th. I decided to use this 4,300ft vertical, 5 mile horizontal (each way) hike to try to raise some money for the British Heart Foundation, as the last time (and first time) I was on top of the UK was just a couple of days after my father died of a hear attack. I'd appreciate it if you could take a look here and/or here Any help would be really appreciated. :socool:

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    That's a good cause, Paul, and I hope you get a lot of support. A good friend of mine died of a heart attack in January, and I imagine many of us have lost family or close friends in the same way.

    Edit to add: The event page is here, but Paul isn't of course allowed to mention the charity on it.
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    Paul, a little tip for your TB.
    To keep it at the top of the list of TBs in the event just add a space as the first character of its name.

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    I like the TB idea - very clever

    Good luck with the ascent.

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    Nice one Paul, here's wishing you great success. An interesting and "inspired" TB by the way

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    Simply Paul Guest


    Well, rules are rules...
    Thanks to readers of this thread who've been so generous. It's going to make getting to the top all the sweeter, knowing it's made a difference. With my fitness level skyrocketing (I did 2km in the pool -80 lengths- in 4 seconds under an hour today) I'm thinking about adding a Scafell Pike and Snowdon event in the same 24 hours... h34r:

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    Simply Paul Guest


    A little bump for this. I persuaded my brother to join me for the climb and, because we both fancy the challenge, I've extended it to a cache event on top of Scafell Pike GC1PRQV at 3am the following morning (!) and GC1PRQ0 on top of Snowdon at 2pm later the same day; July 1st. The following day is my brother's 40th birthday and he's never been to the Lakes or Scotland so it'll be a triple treat for him.

    Bonus thanks to John aka Mad H@ter for his suggestion re the TB's name. I've done the same thing with another 'spare' TB I had: If I can find a third I'll do one for Snowdon too.

    Cheers again to everyone who supported me in climbing Ben Nevis, and I hope my making it the full Three Peaks Challenge* may inspire some more folks to put a couple of quid towards the collection for the British Heart Foundation.

    *Actually, it's the 'being at the top of all three mountains inside 24 hours' version, rather than the more demanding 'climb and descend all three mountains inside 24 hours', more to keep the driving legal/safe than anything else.

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    I have an unregistered TB you can have Paul , PM me an address and I will get it in the post later h34r:

    Or I can send you the tracking number if you prefer

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    Simply Paul Guest


    Huge thanks to Matrix aka Mike for the loan of a TB and another generous contribution to the cause. For those who've missed what I'm up to, it's now the Three Peaks Challenge, with a Cache Event at each, all inside 24 hours. In aid of the British Heart Foundation and in memory of my father, who died a couple of days before I eventually got to the top of Ben Nevis on my 2nd attempt, in 2005. Anything (I believe the site has a minimum of 2- which would also be great- it's what I tend to give to each charity!) to help inspire me up around 3.1 vertical Kms in a day would be gratefully received!

    This link has more info:

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    Simply Paul Guest


    Another bump for this, with only a few weeks to go. Thanks to the kindness of cachers, strangers and friends, I've raised over half of the 500 for the British Heart Foundation I was hoping for, so it's time for a final push/more top quality begging. This link has more info:

    To give some idea of the 24 hour challenge, I'll be climbing
    'Mountain: start height -> top = total climb (in feet)'

    Ben Nevis: 15m -> 1343m = 1,328m (4,356ft)
    Scafell Pike: 75m -> 978m = 903m (2,962ft)
    Snowdon: 359m -> 1085m = 726m (2,382ft)
    Totals: 3406m (11,172ft/2.12miles)

    300ft is a good-sized hill, so you'll see I've quite a day ahead of me! It's for a good cause so if you can find a couple of quid (everything goes to the charity; I'm covering all my own expenses, unlike some MPs..!) it'd really be appreciated. Thanks :socool:

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    Simply Paul Guest


    Time for some more top-quality begging. I know wouldn't give a refund if I'd failed to manage all three peaks inside 24 hours, so perhaps some people were holding off making a contribution until after the event/s. Well...

    Good news! I managed to get from the top of Ben Nevis to the top of Snowdon, via a very surreal walk up and down Scafell Pike at 3am, in 21 minutes under 24 hours- all on 1 hours sleep. I also did most of the driving between sites. A tough day then, it's fair to say, but my feet and legs were ok in the end. The only blister I got was on my thumb, from my walking pole.

    I've been collecting for the British Heart Foundation, in memory of my father who passed away from a heart attack a couple of days before I first climbed Ben Nevis in June 2005. If you'd like to make a contribution, it'd be hugely appreciated. Visit to join in. Again, my sincere thanks to everyone who's already sponsored me- It really did help me to get up them (especially Snowdon, in very hot weather) knowing that I had the support of so many people already. Your kindness was and is an inspiration!


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    Simply Paul Guest


    I just saw that with less than a week to go on my Just Giving page, my target of 500 for the British Heart Foundation has been reached, thanks to the enormous generosity of cachers, friends, family, random folks off the Internet and most recently, the owners of the magazine I write for who brought it up to the full 500 with a very kind 148.59. Woo-hoo!

    Now, I wouldn't object to going over my target at all, so if you'd like to drop something in my virtual bucket, even a couple of quid (the minimum, I think, but it's all good!) then that would be awesome. The page is at > Remember, the page will 'close' on the 10th of September, so don't delay!

    Thanks once more to everyone who contributed; You made a difference to me, and should make a difference to the nation's cardiac health too.

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