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  • I have purchased an upgrade GPS in the last 2 years

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Thread: GPS purchases - please help the MegaEvent

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    Default GPS purchases - please help the MegaEvent

    I am promoting the Weston-super-Mega event in August and trying to encourage a GPS manufacturer to support us. Can you please complete this poll to indicate your interest in GPS purchases?

    Please answer the highest applicable answer - if you have bought a GPS upgrade AND first ever GPS in the last 2 years then please answer upgrade only.

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    Should my numbers come up in the lottery...
    I have a Geocaching problem...
    Work gets in the way!

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    I started with an Etrex Legend, then a Colorado, but have recently bought a Oregon - so that is 3 GPSr's in 4 yrs.

    I recently gave my Etrex to my brother who has now starting caching - I expect they will be buying something else soon so that they can do paperless caching.

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    I'm quite happy with my MLR SP24, even though it's not mainstream and I have to use workrounds to send caches to it from GSAK. I've no plans to upgrade in the foreseeable future.
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    keehotee Guest


    Very happy with my iPAQ and bt gps - would only swap them for

    1. a single unit that did as much and performed as well as they do - and there isn't one on the market yet.
    2. a second, waterproof, bt gps.... but then I've got an aquapak for mine, so that's not really a problem either.

    If Satmap had been a rugged, waterproof pda - capable of running Memory Map - instead of being locked down, they'd have made a killing IMO

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    I started with a GPS60, a year later got a Mio, and a year after that got a Colarado 300. My favourite so far is probably the Colarado, but all have their faults so I'm still on the hunt for the perfect caching GPS.
    Ideally I either want a unit like the oragon (but one that I can load all my memory maps to), or like Keehotee suggests, a rugged waterproof PDA with decent battery life - someone hurry up and invent one!!

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    I needed to click the first 3 options but couldn't

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    mousey1403 Guest


    Oooops, seems i'm a bit enthusiastic. 3 upgrades for me in less than a year. Etrex to Extrex HS, then my wife bought me an Oregon for christmas.....

    I had been a good boy though

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    Lydford Locators Guest


    Oh dear we're going to sound very addicted now ..

    Started caching in December 2005 with 2 Etrex Legends, one died and we upgraded to a 60CSx and then last year we upgraded again to an Oregon. hmy:

    Love the Oregon for paperless caching, but the 60CSx is spot on for accuracy.

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