The replacement of missing containers to log a find, without the Cache Owners Prior Permission. Is a issue between the person doing so and the Cache Owner, except for one area.

Please do not replace a missing container for caches within the Metropolitan Police Force Specialist Search Unit Agreement Area without prior permission of the cache owner.

This is due to the fact that these caches have to meet specific conditions as part of the agreement, including a description and photograph of the container being provided to the Metropolitan Police Force Specialist Search Unit. Replacing the container without being a match or providing the required information to the cache owner for forwarding on to myself as the Reviewer responsible, leaves the container in Non Compliance.

The Agreement has the following requirements

4: All owners of caches in the affected areas to provide a written description of the container and a general description of how it is hidden [e.g. magnetic, under bush, attached to underside of seat]. These written descriptions to be updated immediately if the container is changed or moved.

5: Cache owners to provide a photograph of the container [to be updated immediately if the container is changed].

Provided that the agreed information is provided and kept up-to-date, the Specialist Search Unit from the Metropolitan Police Force have no objections to Geocaching continuing in these areas.
Please note Sections 4 & 5. The Cache Owner is required to proved the information regarding the container. If a non complaint container is used to replace a missing container, and the Cache Owner is not able to visit the cache for 4 weeks [which is a reasonable Maintenance period], the cache has been in Non Compliance for that period.

If in the event that a Missing Container is replaced without the Cache Owners Permission, for caches within the Agreement Area. The Owner of the cache has my support regarding Deleting the Find, Disabling the cache and Deleting any subsequent finds until the Container is brought back into Compliance.

Please Remember that if the Met Polices Specialist Search Team withdraws their support for this agreement. All caching within the Agreement Area would have to be Prohibited. The area concerned is a High Risk Security Area. One of the concerns raised in the negotiations was that the finding of a Unknown container risks triggering a Security Alert, which could result in Grid Lock within London. This would not only risk geocaching within the Agreement Area but also within all Major City Centers.

Deceangi Volunteer UK Reviewer