Hi all,

I've just joined your group and GAGB.
My name is Steve (styks nik name) I answer to either
I live near Dolgellau North Wales.

I'm generally a solo walker but not so unsociable that I won't join a group every now and then.
I did use a Garmin 12 for a short time, that's now actually up for sale on evil bay, but I was not very impressed. Oh it did what it's supposed to do and did it well, I just never got into it I guess.
Anyhow I've been looking to get a mapping GPS, one I can install OS maps on. Now the prices have come down some I think it will be a great investment and they do look fun/usefull.

Searching around I come across this Geocaching site ... my it looks fun!
I think I'll give this a go

My question if I may.
I also do Ham Radio (MW1 CKK)and use a Yaesu VX-6 which I sometimes take on my journeys.
Ahh me thinks ... can I combine GPS and HT ... Search and rescue etc etc.
Now on another forum there is a dedicated Ham/gps page but it does seem mainly US users.
Are there any members here who combine 2/70 TX and a Handheld GPS?
If so which would be the best in you opinion?
I was tempted by the Garmin eTrex Vista HCx but I read it does not have NMEA in/out for PC/Radio use (Not sure if I have that correct, just learning)
So I'm thinking about a Garmin 60 CSX which I believe does?
Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
If I'm going to buy one it may as well do everthing I would like from the off.

Sorry for the long first post ......... But if really get into it there will be longer ones, I can get rather verbose!