HI All,

Long time since I have posted... But I have a dilema... My N95 has been dropped once to often it is REALLY showing its age, mud puddles rain 2 years on and its just about passed it...

I had a Yellow brick for a while basic Garmin Etrex, but to be honist my N95 did just a good a job... I Bought the Etrex for sailing as well as battery life and excess water are a real issue with an N95.

The Question is what do I replace them both with?
Oregon 3/400?
Any others/ Recomendations?

I could do with Turn By turn routing for UK Preferably Europe. As per GarminXT on my N95. I can do without the talking bit I guess...

I realy like paperless caching... After using Geocache Navigator you Never go back...

A compass/ barograph would also be usefull..

I guess I have talked my self into a reasnoble budget, the probelm comes with the cost of the toys to run on them... Tides would be a great help for sailing so would charts... These are not available open source?

Are there any free maps that work, I see opensource Street map and a couple of others on this thread do they work? They look good enough to me. Can you switch between maps on the go if you want different information?

Any advice on any of the above would be most apprechiated..

Seems like a long email, but as I might be spending more money than I plan on I might as well ask...

If some one has a cheaper solution I will always listen!