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Thread: Oregon 300 and Memory Map

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    Question Oregon 300 and Memory Map

    OK, so this has probably been answered before but here goes. Until last week my weapon of choice was a Garmin GPS60, before setting off I would download the caches into the GPS then download from the GPS into Memory Map and print it off so I could see where I was going to be walking.
    Now, feeling a bit flush I have got an Garmin Oregon 300:socool:. I can still download caches into the GPS but when I try and download these onto Memory Map it does not reconise the new Garmin.
    Anybody got any ideas.

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    I think you'll be OK if you update MM. I'm running an Oregon 400T and MM v5.3.2 and there's communication between the two. MM didn't used to like Mass-Storage Devices I believe, in the older versions

    John R
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