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Thread: garmins new os enabled maps ?

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    forestferret Guest

    Default garmins new os enabled maps ?

    anybody on here got any of the new os enabled maps ??
    i think they are called GB explorer maps that are compatible with the oragon units ??

    are they any good accurate?

    what i would use them for is geocaching but also for when im out on my bike so it would be great if they have all the rights of way on then bridleways and cycle paths canal paths .also when im biking on a mountain as much detail as i can get would be use full

    just would like to hear anybodys experiance with these maps befor i take the plunge im trying to avoid feeling ripped off like i did when i got the garmin topo v2 maps for my vista unit

    many thanks in advance

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    I think they only do National Parks.
    If you live/cache/bike only in National Parks, no problem!
    I have a Geocaching problem...
    Work gets in the way!

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    At the moment they are only the 1:25K National Park series not whole UK coverage. The maps are proper OS maps so will be accurate - well, as accurate as the GPS happens to be at that time. I believe Garmin are planning to introduce the whole country at some point - then it would be worth considering. The only downside to them is that I already have Memory Map and can install those maps onto my PDA -the ability to do this is included in Memory Maps' licence. With the Oregon you'd have to buy the maps again.

    Chris (MrB)

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    Garmin have offered a 1:50K map covering all the National Parks for a few months, and are just in the process of offering three 1:50K maps covering Great Britain (1 for Scotland, 1 for Northern England & Midlands, 1 for Southern England). The coverage of the maps is similar to their 3 TOPO maps.

    The information is well hidden on their website at present, with a list price of 120 each. Few retailers are showing them on their websites yet.

    Garmin are also offering them at half price when bought with an Oregon or Dakota!


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