S2650 - Fort Southwick: I notice this trig is no longer shown on OS getamap at 1:25000 or 1:50000 scale.

I wonder if it's gone or simply been unmapped for the convenience of the landowner.

There's a blog entry documenting a visit to this site (the tunnels) last autumn:
There was talk of conversion to luxury apartments, but the most recent info I can find relates to CandyKing offices and NHS staff parking.

I emailed Colin who made the blog entry, and he replied as follows:

We had a trip organised with the airsoft people, and turned up at the fort. Security let us in and we parked on the parade ground, we discovered shortly after we were in the wrong place and the airsoft main entrance is not inside the fort. Unfortunately, we didn't really have a chance to look around the fort, although we regretted it after, and were surprised that they even let us in. I think the airsoft people rent the tunnels from the person who owns the fort, so it might be worth contacting them. If you live nearby, it might be worth just going up to the fort and asking, I'm in Dover so I'm not really in the know for what's going on down that way. Another possibility is the Palmerston Forts Society, they will probably know who owns the fort.

The person who owns the fort is keeping lots of military vehicles in there at the moment, i'm not sure what the future is.

I keep meaning to try to find out who owns it myself to ask for a look around, just haven't got round to it yet!

I phoned Candyking UK today who occupy the site and my tel no was being passed on to the Site manager.

Is anyone down Portsmouth way who could check? Easily visible from reservoir immediately to west - or it was. I can follow up these leads, but again it would be more easily done locally, and best not to duplicate contacts with site owner etc.