Well, just got back from a few days away, and it seems that once again any oppinion differing from that held by some founder members is not respected. Sad to see Hornet no longer wants to be a member, and we too have considered our membership on a number of occasions... pretty much from our first reading of the forums. Is there a way of a member removing their own membership? Sadly, it looks like a few people will be needing it. Good luck to the committee, they are going to need it we think. This Association can do great things for us all, and for that reason we should all give them a chance to represent us. Personally, we will remain members, hopeful that the committee will become willing to listen to advice/comment/opinion without labeleing it s**t and the likes. If not we fear that there could be someone crushed in the rush for the door.

We feel that just because somebody has spoken against the GAGB, a committee member, or an opinion... that shouldn't mean that they are looked at differently... afterall the point of debate is to compromise/modify your views in the light of the facts/opinions of others. If we're all as stubborn as those who won't listen to somebodys opinion now because of something they said last year, it's not the opinion that is s**t, it's the stuff we're stood in.

We can see why a person would choose to use a sock puppet... it's because an opinion under some names, probably including this one, no matter how good will never be listened to by some of TPTB here.

One more day and we have a committee... no matter how many or who they are, they need to be given a chance to give this association a chance of achieving what it was set up to do.

Once again, good luck to the committee.