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Thread: How do members want this forum to go?

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    BugznElm'r Guest


    Expressing a view on this forum has, in the past, been a touchy thing to do. I think that this absolutely must change though if we are to live harmoniously here.

    I don't understand why anyone would have a discussion forum unless it's for the exercising of various opinions and a learning tool. Why does it have to be a control thing, or a chest beating forum for only the owner/moderators?

    The past is the past and I'm happy to move on but interested in what others think.

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    Kouros Guest


    The following are entirely my opinions. You (the reader) can either agree with them, or not.

    Debate is required in any organisation for progress to be made, but appropriate respect is required from all parties. It would seem to me that sometimes that may include not saying precisely what is on our minds, and holding back, perhaps wording things a little more calmly. Sometimes that will include not jumping to conclusions - in a written forum, it must be understandable that what is read is not always what was intended. I know that I've been guilty of this misdeed.

    With that in mind, somtimes expressing an opinion should also mean that the poster should think twice about how they word what they ask. It has been noted here before that when we all meet, we get on like a house on fire, yet when we're in the forums, it too easily degenerates into a blazing row. Sometimes what may come across as a direct attack upon an individual is not always intended that way.

    If we believe something, then that's great, and by all means we should voice our opinion, but we should also be willing to hear other peoples opinions too - and that includes people outside of the GAGB. Equally, expressing an opinion should not extend to stirring up for the sake of it - which is why I am thoroughly glad to see the end of the sockpuppet accounts posting here.

    And one more opinion to end - this is not a political forum, or an open Question Time of authority figures. It is a forum of friends who enjoy the same game, and so perhaps it might do us well to remember that when we feel that there is a problem to address - we are not approaching our sworn enemies, or even the dreaded and obnoxious local MP, but friends - there should be no need to be terse.

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    Jun 2003


    Well said, Kouros.

    When using a forum, it's surely common courtesy to follow the guidelines of that forum. And one of them here is:
    ''Above all, let's keep this a nice place to be.''
    ​​Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light. (Dylan Thomas)​

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    Teasel Guest


    You (the reader) can either agree with them, or not.
    All sounds pretty agreeable to me! Congratulations on winning the election this morning. Welcome aboard!

    And welcome aboard to lobsterboy, too! Hopefully you won't have any need to delete any posts - especially your own! :P

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    marinor Guest


    Direction for the forum to go...I think it was well defined from the beginning...

    "This Association was established to provide an elected voice for its members in the United Kingdom.

    Its aims are to establish good practice, provide a focal point for public liaison and support the growth and enjoyment of Geocaching in harmony with the law and environment."

    so we chat and chat and the elected try and get things done..

    stay safe


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    Kouros Guest


    Originally posted by Teasel@Nov 4 2003, 01:51 PM
    Welcome aboard!
    Thank you Teasel - and everyone else who has given similar comments elsewhere.

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    paul.blitz Guest


    Just to remind everyone of what it says at the top of the forum page (you know, the bit in the white that we no longer bother to read!&#33:

    GAGB Forum

    Please be nice to each other, discuss your feelings and beliefs, but please do it nicely.

    Please do not be offended by the posts of others who might not agree with you 100%, they have a right to be heard also. But please do not be pedantic.

    Remember, it is always bad form to correct others spelling or grammar.

    Above all, let's keep this a nice place to be.

    Ties up pretty well with what Kouros said!


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