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Thread: new gps unit

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    nobbynobbs Guest

    Default new gps unit

    we've had a request from a new cacher to say what unit she should buy.

    She wants to have the maps for ireland uk and canada.

    so what would people suggest? other than a big bank loan!

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    IMHO - Garmin Oregon 300 or 400t.

    (I get about 18hrs off 1 set of rechargable batteries)
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    zwei ormers Guest


    I believe the Oregons eat batteries. I like my Vista HCX but haven't bothered putting maps on it. It works well under trees, which is useful in summer.

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    We can confirm that the Oregon 300 eats batterires (We have one)

    The bonus of the Oregon 300 is that it is light years ahead in design and useability from our last GPSr (a Garmin 12)

    We have found that a large supply of pre-charged re-useable batteries is defiantely the way forward if you want a nice colour screen and some other nifty features!
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