Can I have your opinions on this dilemma please..

In my area, (Leicester) there is a new cacher placing caches on Woodland Trust properties (woods), And I'm sure they have not obtained permission.

They have not mentioned any permission granted on their cache pages, now what this cacher possibly does not know is in the woods where they have so far placed two caches there is a cache which is the end of a puzzle cache, the page for this cache does mention that permission was obtained.!

My dilemma is....

Do I contact the new cacher to see if permission was obtained.?

Do I inform the new cacher that they really need to get permission in the 1st place..?

Is it any of my business... finally (the really important bit.).. Do the Woodland Trust keep an eye on for Caches on their property, and what are they likely to do if they find any without permission..? Are all caches on woodland trust property at risk as a result of this type of thing happening...?

I know i'm not the caching police, but I would hate to see caches removed from areas only a short while after release because the correct procedures where not followed.

what to do.?!?! if anything...?