Hello Everyone,
Today I went to the Meningitis Trust Family Day at Don Valley Stadium as a guest of my son who survived this illness at ten weeks old.
Ok everyone put the tissues away, he is now a nine year old terror! with lots of problems but gets on with what life can chuck at him (he puts up with me, his dad so thats a start).
In a part of the seminar the speaker asked for any fundraising ideas other than the fun runs etc. and then the bulb above my head flickered into action.
The reason I have started this thread is to get the feelers out and see what everyone thought about the idea of the introduction of a coin for this worthy charity and how to get them passed out to cachers in a more direct manner than the middleman taking a cut.
After the initial outlay anything above that would go straight to the charity, I have mailed Landsharkz my outline design idea to see what quote they come up with and will then mail the powers that be at MT HQ to see if they would partake in this field of fundraising. I hope something comes of all this so it is over to you guys to give me hints and tips.