As mentioned elsewhere, I'm planning to repeat the successful "Winchester cachers & friends late Xmas bash" again in January.

With a preliminary date of 25th Jan 2004, it will hopefully be at the same place as last time (N 51 06.005 W 001 24.025).

We will repeat the "Secret Santa" again, but instead of buying for a named person, just buy a gift (between 2 and 5 pounds) and bring it along. All the gifts will go into a big box, and everyone can then take one out the box. So keep an eye open whilst you do the Xmas shopping, or in the New Year sales!

(It's my wife's birthday on the 25th Jan, and I just said to her "I have some good news and bad news.... the good news is I'm taking you out to lunch on your birthday..... the bad news is that the place will be full of cachers!!").

There will, of course, be a cache, but this time it will be a bit more challenging, and you'll probably want to drive the mile to the village where it will be (the road to it isn't really safe to walk).