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Thread: Loading maps onto Oregon 300

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    Question Loading maps onto Oregon 300

    Hi all,

    I'm considering replacing my eTrex Vista/TOPO GBv2 with an Oregon 300. But the TOPO maps are too big to load all of GB onto the internal memory in one go. (I have them loaded onto an SD card in the eTrex. But if I do this, I can't also plug in a GB Discoverer SD card! (I'm looking to buy the forthcoming GB Discoverer Northern England & Midlands when it gets to the shops.)

    I could load part of the TOPO GB maps on the internal memory, and then change regions when I need to, or copy the TOPO maps and GB Discoverer maps onto a 4GB SD card. And what it I then want to use the TOPO maps with a different GB Discoverer map??

    Any advice please on the best way to use both TOPO GB and the GB Discoverer maps on an Oregon 300? (I had thought the solution was to plug the GB Discoverer maps into an Oregon 400t, but understand that its TOPO Europe maps are even less detailed in the UK than the TOPO GB ones are!!)

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    As I understand it. (I may be wrong!)

    The GB Discoverer SD cards are locked, and can't be copied, so have to be inserted in the unit to be used -removing any SD card already in there...
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    Default Update Time

    I have now bought an Oregon 400t after finding geocaching in Spain without any inbuilt maps rather difficult, and have now found the following solutions to my previous post.

    1) The TOPO Europe maps are not as good as the TOPO GB maps (in the UK), and on their own are barely adequate - albeit better than no maps in Europe. (My justification for buying the 400t rather than the 300.)

    2) The new OSGB Discoverer map for Northern England & Midlands is very good for navigating to the cache area, but you lose the detail if you zoom beyond the 300ft level.

    3) You could just rely on the compass then, as with the latest software updates it is pretty accurate.

    4) You can copy the OSGB map from the Garmin 2GB SD card onto a 4GB SD card, and rename it from its default 'gmapsupp'. (From v3.1 software you can use any names you want for the maps and have multiple maps on the GPSr.) I then copied most of my TOPO GB maps onto the 4GB SD card as well so I can now choose between the OSGB maps, TOPO GB maps or TOPO Europe maps at any time. (This is easiest when you set up profiles using the required map and then swap between them.) There is even space on the card to add the OSGB Southern England & Wales map should I need that.

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