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Thread: Commercial Caching- Your Thoughts?

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    Default Commercial Caching- Your Thoughts?

    With reference to GC1W5H9, the commercial cache that was published with the express permission of GS today. What are your opinions?

    Have we now got a new type of cache? Two boxes and one cache listing?

    Not publishing the intermediate waypoints for a multi-cache is strange too isnt it?

    I wont be rushing out to hire a GPS from them or pay the 3 entry fee in order to complete this cache.

    Team Hippo used to have a cache here but once admissions were charged he archived the cache I beleive....

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    One box, but two routes to it?

    If you sign the log twice, can you log two smilies?
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    I don't see the mechanics of it as being that out of the ordinary for a Multi. Go to these co-ords and collect some info which will lead you to the cache is pretty normal, just in this case the info is on a leaflet. Once you have the leaflet there's an easy route or a more difficult route. Most caches can be approached by more than one route, some of which may be easier than others.

    What I'm unhappy about is that apparently someone had a cache here originally which was archived (in line with GS guidelines) when admission charges appeared and now the landowner has placed a cache requiring an admission fee

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    Easy Answer - It's gone straight onto my Ignore List.

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    I'd consider it like any other cache. If i fancy going in and think the fee is reasonable then ok, if not then ignore.

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    As Groundspeak is a private company I guess they can do whatever they want, including exempting themselves from their own guidelines.

    I wonder if they'll let me set up a "pay per hunt" cache in my own back garden? h34r:

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