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Thread: Earth Cache Masters - changes!!

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    Default Earth Cache Masters - changes!!

    I just noticed on the Earth Cache Society website that from 1 August they will only be sending out badges for Gold and Platinum status, no more Bronze or Silver ones. So if you haven't got around to claiming your Bronze or Silver, and want them, get in quick!!! Today or tomorrow is your last chance to apply.

    Quote from the website: "From 1 August 2009, physical pins will only be sent for Gold and Platinum levels. All levels will be sent an icon for you to load onto your webpages of profile."

    Click here and then click on Earth Cache Masters on left hand side of screen.

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    Thanks for the heads up.

    As far as I can tell I should be able to claim my Bronze and Silver, although it's hard to prove which states / regions you have found the Earthcache in as some of the early UK ones haven't been updated to reflect the recently introduced UK regions, and as such are still showing as located 'in United Kingdom' rather than 'in Yorkshire and Humberside' etc.

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    When you fill out the details of the Earthcaches you've done you are asked to enter the state/county. It's not dependant on where Groundspeak place the cache on the map.

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    Keehotee has mentioned an important point - you can claim based on different UK Counties which does make
    achieving the higher levels more realistic over here.

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    Default No More Gold Master Pins!!!

    Geoaware posted this on the 21st August in the Geocaching Earthcache forum:

    "As part of the wind back of the handing out of physical pins, we are sad to announce that from 15 September 2009 we will no longer be sending out Gold pins to EarthCache Masters recipients. Platinum pins will continue to be sent out indefinitely.

    EarthCache Masters coins - one for each level - will be on sale in the store by the end of September.

    Again we thank you all for supporting EC Masters and EarthCaching.



    So we are all too late to apply for a Gold pin now! Interestingly the Earthcache website hasn't picked up this change yet...

    But if you've applied for a Bronze or Silver pin don't give up yet. I applied for my Silver pin at the end of July, and received an email confirming my award early in August. Then nothing, so I assumed I'd missed out on the Silver pin - until happily it arrived in the post a week ago. Hope anyone else still waiting for a Bronze or Silver pin is also in luck.

    PS: I believe that in the UK, we should treat regions as states and not counties. This ties in with the way UK earthcaches are shown on the Earthcache website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew 7:7 Too View Post

    PS: I believe that in the UK, we should treat regions as states and not counties. This ties in with the way UK earthcaches are shown on the Earthcache website.
    One sovereign state comprising four countries and a good few COUNTIES making those up thank you very much!

    Mongers wanders of to look for a new horse as the Colonials have obviously broken this one.

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