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Thread: Repeat Logs

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    Cool Repeat Logs

    When I started recording trigs on T:UK about five years ago, repeat visits to the same trig were counted twice in your totals. I preferred to keep an accurate count, so I simply didn't record subsequent visits. But at some point this has been sorted, so now repeat visits can be recorded without messing up totals. Which is nice.

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    ted Guest



    I agree that the main totals don't count repeat visits but there is still a bug
    lurking somewhere and your post prompted me to try and pin in down.

    I login to TPUK and then search for trigs near to Grid Ref SO593865
    This location is close to the former trig on Brown Clee Hill which
    was demolished by Parish Council vandals not long ago

    I've logged three visits to this: two as 'good' and the last 'definitely missing' -
    the search results list the trig *twice*; I suspect the change of state is somehow
    treated as a new station.

    Digression... Brown Clee is (was) possibly my most-visited trig; lost count
    of the number of visits; first was at around age 7 with my dad - I was
    probably far more interested in the remains of the old railway and
    puzzled as to why someone lived in a shed at the top of a hill :

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    That's an interesting one Ted. When I search for SO593865 I get only one entry for Brown Clee Hill, but then I have never logged it.

    When I search for NS952343, I get jut the one entry for Tinto, which I've logged three times, all as 'good'.

    But when I search for NS724242, I get 2 listings for Cairn Table, which I've logged twice, once as 'good', and once as 'Slightly Damaged'.

    So it looks like you're right. It might be worth your searching under NS724242 to see what it throws up, presuming you haven't logged Cairn Table?



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    ted Guest


    > It might be worth your searching under NS724242 to see what it throws up, presuming
    > you haven't logged Cairn Table?

    Tested and (as expected) I see just the one entry for this trig. Regret that I've
    never visited any Scottish trigs other then those next to the Pennine Way in its
    final stage (and that was so long ago that I've forgotten the details).


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    I have a similar problem in reverse - everything south of Leeds is a mystery to me h34r:

    All in good time.

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