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Thread: Garmin Rubber Problem

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    Default Garmin Rubber Problem

    I've seen all sorts of suggestions for dealing with the perennial problem with Garmin rubber surrounds coming loose - here's what I've done with mine, for better or for worse:

    The black rubber bit started coming loose at the top after about a year. Even at this stage early it seemed a bit stretched. After another year it was completely detached, but I kept going for another 6 months just holding it in place. (This worked better than it sounds, as I mostly use the etrex for hillwalking rather than geocaching, and so generally walk with it held firmly in my hand). But gradually the band was getting stretched further, so I decided to do something about it.

    After cleaning all the old glue away manually, I cut it at the bottom with a sharp pair of scissors, removing about 1/4" of length in the process. I tried sticking it back on with the glue from a bicycle puncture repair kit, on the grounds that that was designed for rubber too. It didn't work. Instead the rubber curled outwards hideously, and stretched even further; another 1/4" had to come off. Having cleaned all the glue off again, I thought of trying a sort of Bostick/superglue that was lying around. But I couldn't get any of that out of the tube, even with scissors, as it was all dried up. So in desperation I used the only adhesive that was left in the house - No More Nails. It worked perfectly, first time! Of course, having cut 1/2" off, it's now too short, so doesn't meet properly at the bottom. But the glue seems absolutely solid, and the buttons all work fine. So a success, of sorts. :socool:

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    Or similer 'rubber' glue.

    Cut to size after sticking.
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    molfrew-mosstoad Guest


    we used double sided tape after finding various glues didnt hold.

    BTW the tapes still going strong after 18 months, that surprised us too lol

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    The No-More-Nails seemed scure enough the first few times I used the etrex. But yesterday was the first full day's trigging since the repair, and it just didn't hold up.

    Plan B: lecky tape, round the outside. Looks duff, but seems to hold well, and the buttons work no problem under the tape. Ought to make it more water proof too...

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    have you tried garmin themselves?

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    You have a point all right, I should have done that when it first started coming loose.

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    you can't lose by asking and they are normally very friendly

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    My eTrex is 18 months old, and has just developed the slimy loose rubber strip problem. I've been following the various forum threads about this, and had decided to go for replacing the double-sided tape to re-secure it. But first I thought I'd contact Garmin as they are reported to supply a repair kit.

    To my surprise, I have received a reply from them stating:

    "Please return the unit with a covering letter to state what is wrong and also please send in the unit with the RMA number on the outside of the package.

    "The current turn around time is between 5-10 working days. The unit will be put through under warranty, however I have ever only seen 2 other cases of this particular fault. This is not a known issue by Garmin although I will certainly pass on your comments."

    Perhaps more of us should be returning the unit to Garmin for replacement (as they have also stated that Garmin Europe do not repair any units sent to them!)
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    Default It's Back!!

    I've received a new replacement etrex from Garmin today, under warranty with the failure classification given as "F52 - poor cosmetic appearance"! So it was well worth contacting Garmin about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew 7:7 Too View Post
    The unit will be put through under warranty, however I have ever only seen 2 other cases of this particular fault. This is not a known issue by Garmin although I will certainly pass on your comments."

    Hi all, first post on the forum

    I've got an Etrex and have had it a little under 2 years, ...and guess what? The rubber became sticky and came off within 12 months. I stuck mine back on with rubber solution glue. I got the same curling effect at first used loads of glue and it finally dried and shrank back to a good fit. It's not perfect and is coming away a year or so later but I can live with it. Somehow I think Garmin are being just a little economical with the truth as I've known quite a few go like this.

    Perhaps us Brits don't complain.....

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    Smile Garmin Problem

    Hi, nice post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for sharing. I will likely be coming back to your blog. Keep up the good work.
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    thanks for sharing this

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