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Thread: Yorkshire Rose 2009 Geocoin

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    MikeG Guest

    Default Yorkshire Rose 2009 Geocoin

    A brand new Yorkshire Rose Geocoin is now available

    We've had 250 of these top quality 1.75" diameter nickel based coins produced by Oakcoins and they were first available at the Yorkshire Day Jamboree Event (GC1TB87) held on August 1st in Overton, West Yorkshire where over 60 eager Tykes scooped up a good few :socool:

    We still have a few left so they are now available on general release at 6:50 + P&P each.

    As a newbie to these forums I can't post any links or photos yet but the coins are viewable on the main Geocoin Discusions forum with full pricing details etc. .. (just search for Yorkshire Rose)

    As soon as I have enough postings I will post the images and links here.

    In the meantime you can mail me queries or feedback at


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    MikeG Guest


    Any feedback on this coin's design & pricing much appreciated please.

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    Haven't been able to find the thread or a picture of said coin.

    must be having a thick day.

    Any chance of posting a piccy ?
    Happy Caching


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    Just ordered ours - here's the link:

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    MikeG Guest


    This is the front face...

    This is the rear face ...

    Click HERE for the pricing/ordering info ...
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    MikeG Guest


    They are trackable at and feature there own custom icon as below too

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    MikeG Guest


    Hi all,

    I've still got a few of these lovely coins left at revised prices for those in need of a special and unique Christmas present.

    Only 250 of these unique coins were minted to celebrate Yorkshire Day which is celebrated in August each year in Yorkshire, England and they are the ideal Christmas Stocking Filler or New Year present for Tykes far and near

    They are 1.75" x 3mm in size, beautifully finished in the shape of a white rose picked out in raised silver and 6 enamel colors showing the current administrative counties of Yorkshire on the reverse.

    Each one has its own unique serial number, tracking code plus special icon on

    Check out the front images here and the rear images here

    Revised pricing and ordering details here

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    My coin, ordered Thursday arrived in the Friday post. Excellent. The revisd price is more suited to yorkshirement with deep pockets & short arms. :cheers:

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    MikeG Guest


    Many happy customers in 2009.
    Only about 50 of these beauties left now, grab one while you can
    Pricing here

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    Terencem Guest


    I ordered mine on Sunday and they arrived in the mail on Tuesday. Lovely coins and great service!
    Thanks Mike

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    Track Day Toys Guest

    Default Yorkshire Rose Geocoin

    Hi Mike

    Can I buy one of these please? The links doen't seem to go anywhere.

    Kind regards

    Lorna baker

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    The links ARE almost two years old! I'd PM MikeG if I were you.

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