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Thread: Quarterly updates - Just a thought

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    Just returned to the site for the first time in a month or so thinking that I should really catch up with the Committees progress with regards the key issues around caching, and noticed that short of the NF update there hadn't been any major updates for some time..... Now presumably you guys are working on several fronts on our behalf, and I thank you for both your time and energy, however I wondered if it would be possible to provide a regular update on committee issues, Perhaps quarterly ? potentially via email direct ?

    Like I say just a suggestion, and raised here more as a discussion and to gain others thoughts.

    Cheers, Mike
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    [speaking for myself]

    A regular update / overview is a good idea and something that we've disucssed in committee although to be honest we'd not come to any conclusions about frequency or mechanism. I think there is sufficient material for an update early in the New Year although personally I'd favour issuing when there is material rather than a specific timing. I'll raise this in committee. Thanks for the prompt.

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