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Thread: Geocaches Near Me.

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    jones_uk_hunters Guest

    Default Geocaches Near Me.

    Got an iPhone/iPod touch?

    Want a low cost app, to find "Geoaches Near Me"?

    Have a look at my 0.59 app, that does just that.

    Its way cheaper than the offical 5.99 Groundspeak offical application.

    Type "geocaches near me" in app store search or goto this website

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    sTeamTraen Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by jones_uk_hunters View Post
    Its way cheaper than the offical 5.99 Groundspeak offical application.
    Well, that's true, in the same way that my bicycle cost me less than my car.
    If I've read your page right, your app takes your current coordinates, say N52.3 W1.2, and opens a browser window at this URL:
    Is that all? If so, I'm guessing it's about 5 lines of code, excluding the UI.

    Groundspeak's app does a little more than that, I believe.
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    Sounds like it does "what it says on the tin".

    So how about extending it so you can select your geocaching listing service of choice? Such as GC, Opencaching, Terracaching, Navicache etc.? That's something the Groundspeak application certainly DOESN'T do.

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    jones_uk_hunters Guest

    Default What a cool idea

    I'll make it so you can choose from those different lists...

    Another 5 more lines of code to write then :-)

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    jones_uk_hunters Guest


    I've been trying to find the search pages for various different geocaching sites, that I can expand the 'Geacaches Near Me' application to use.

    I've look at -
    Open Caching
    Terra Caching

    All of these with the expection of Open Caching don't have a search page.

    So there goes that idea....

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