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Thread: GAGB Stand at Mega Event

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    Default GAGB Stand at Mega Event

    Having brought together the GAGB stand at the Mega Event this year, it would be good to get some suggestions for future GAGB stands.

    What do the experienced cachers want from the GAGB stand? What should we try to convey to newbies? Do you have any ideas for content or volunteers to create content?


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    As mentioned previously, we throughly enjoyed our hour or so on the GAGB stand and would urge others to do the same.
    Well a large banner to attract attention would be good - perhaps worth doing if the new logo is to stay.
    The new stickers will also attract attention but they will need to be charged for, as we saw one or two folks grabbing several of the little button badges.
    We were asked about general GAGB stuff and while we could talk it we would have liked a handout about the forum to give to folks for future reference and encourage interaction here - we think this is quite important as it is the main means of communication and perhaps deserves at least one side of an attractive colour leaflet, glossy perhaps?
    Just a few quick jottings - will think a little more about it....


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