Having been at this for a few days now, it strikes me that Geocaching looks like a wonderful activity for youth groups.

Personally, I am very active with the Air Cadets (age range 13-20) and think that this would be perfect for my cadets. As I see it, the two sides to the sport give us plenty to play with:
1) Finding caches. This will build on some of the skills we teach them anyway - map work, expedition planning, (teamwork&#33 etc. as well as being something fun and a bit different. We can potentially plan entire weekends away finding caches!
2) Maintaining a cache as a project. Whilst this won't take hours at a time, it will require constant "nibbling" - a few minutes, several times a week.

Has anyone run it as a group activity before? Do you have any tips? Are there any other ATC squadrons (or other youth organisations - army cadets, scouts, whatever) who participate? What problems have been found?