Hello Geocachers of the UK.

I have only become aware of geocaching within the last few days, by accidentally surfing into a geocaching website. With a cache local to me, I encrypted the coded message and took the dog for a walk and found the cache. In accordance with the general rules and good manners I dutifully entered my visit and left things as I had found them, took nothing, left sodall!, I must admit to having thoughts of cyanide gas or explosives as I prised open the container.

Along with the normal rules, something that occured to me is don't leave things of an adult nature, lighters, ciggies, spliffs, condoms or porn because as I was leaving the cache a couple of families with several young children arrived and with the youngest shouting where is the tree and the porn stash (joke) cache I introduced myself and spoke for a few munutes with the father of one of the families.


as I dont yet posess a GPS unit I now want one... where can I obtain a cheap unit from? as I am a low wage earner a second hand unit would be ideal as a starter kit, so if anybody is upgrading I would be chuffed to hear from you. Failing that, where can I buy a hand held unit over the counter for cash, ( no credit card yet&#33 I live in south buckinghamshire near the penn pit!

happy new year uk geocachers!