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Thread: Hi I'm Bifter

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    Bifter Guest


    Hi my name is Bifter and though new to caching I have already chalked up 3 finds including a ftf. I own a basic etrex (which I love) and really like this "new" sport. I'm 36 and have a lovely wife and three children. Please use this topic to introduce yourselves and then I hope to have you all as online friends.......happy caching........Bifter.

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    TaureanTrackers Guest


    Hi! I'm one half of Taurean Trackers. My husband and I are also very, very new to the sport but love every opportunity to get out and go hunting. We also fancy placing one but think we'll put another few under our belts first. We don't have as much time as we'd like to go hunting but retirement looms with the gift of more time with which to play. So watch out for more of us. :P

    Great to see you here. Keep on caching!

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    Summerlightning Guest


    Hi Bifter!
    Just like you I am new to this too and also have a basic Etrex which I am slowly learning to use.
    I have just bought a serial cable so that I can download waypoints which is much better tan putting the in manually.
    My wife and son ( The other members of Team Marigold) have gone from sceptical resignation to outright enthusiasm after we found our first Cache on Saturday which was a real buzz.
    Also had to face going home cold wet and empty handed yesterday after having to give up on a search due to inclement weather.
    We found the site but the cache evaded us. Still it's not far from home so I plan to return as soon as I ca to track it down.
    Not much more to add, just wanted to say hello.

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    BugznElm'r Guest


    The first "give up" is the hardest
    Poor weather is a good reason to give up ... live to cache another day!

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