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    NattyBooshka Guest


    My other account... sockpuppet... has been banned from accessing these forums. This I do not understand as I made it clear who I was before it was banned. Some kind of warning would have been nice! It is to be used by me as NattyBooshka is a team of 2 people who both wish to be members of the GAGB. I have requested from Admin that the account is reinstated and also has voting rights given to it. Hopefully this will soon be done.

    Whilst trying to log in as sock puppet, I discovered a bug in the system in that there was no way for me to log out sockpuppet and log in as NattyBooshka again. I have found a way of doing this now, though it is not obvious... I had to click through the Join pages until the point where it logged me out ready to create a new user name.

    Just thought I would bring this to the attention of the Committee, used the mail form on the contact us page, but it returns an error saying that the recipient field is blank... so that needs fixing. I don't expect the login problem to be resolved here and now, but thought it was something to bear in mind if the committee start an updated site with this as a base.


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    Wood Smoke Guest


    As a buglet has been found in this forum software, can I also suggest that when we get the new forums up and running that we use different software please?

    The main reason is that this forum software doesn't allow for all tracked topics to be delivered by email. This may not be what others want, but I do :-)

    I hate reading forums, I prefer that all messages posted are delivered to my email and I can read them when I want (or not). The G:UK forums are a great example of this. The old G.COM was the same, but with there new forums it now (like this one) only sends occasional emails.

    If you read forums, this option doesn't effect you one way or the other, but it would be nice to have that option again please?

    Yours Roy

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    BugznElm'r Guest


    I'd suggest phpBB ... it's free and I've run on both sides of this software (both as a user and admin) for quite a while now and find it very robust, fast and resource friendly on both the server (in terms of transfer and CPU) and the client side. Bugs are few and far between and when one does make an appearance it is dealt with quickly.

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    BugznElm'r Guest


    Can the committee comment on why NattyBooshka's other account was banned given that the members were just looking at a constitution that would cover the procedure for banning members but nothing was voted on?

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