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Thread: The GAGB Guidelines

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    paul.blitz Guest


    Until we get around to putting them onto a web page, here's the newly accepted GAGB Guidelines:

    ================================================== ======

    The GAGB guidelines

    These guidelines have been written for several purposes:

    · as a set of suggested guidelines for presentation to landowners
    · as a starting point for those landowners who wish to add their own “local” guidelines
    · as a “best practice” for those placing / seeking caches

    1. Ensure the cache container is clearly marked, stating that the content is harmless and giving the placers e-mail address or other contact method (eg GAGB contact phone number)

    2. Only items that would be deemed safe and acceptable for an unaccompanied child to find should be placed in a cache.

    3. No cache should be placed in such a way as to risk damage or disturbance to any Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) or Scheduled Ancient Monument (SAM).

    4. When placing a cache, the onus is on the placer to seek the permission of the landowner.

    5. Caches should be placed in a way that they will not be accidentally found by non-geocachers.

    6. No items of food or drink of any kind should be placed in the cache.

    7. Caches should not be buried. Holes should not be dug in order to place a cache.

    8. Caches should not be hidden in animal holes or runs.

    9. Cache containers should not be placed inside a polythene bag.

    10. Fences should never be crossed (other than through a gate or by a stile) when placing or seeking a cache.

    11. No caches should be of a commercial nature, either in location or content.

    12. Maintenance of the cache is the responsibility of the placer.

    13. When leaving the cache site, after hiding or placing a cache, there should be no visual sign of disturbance.

    14. No cache should be placed in or on a dry stone wall.

    15. Please do not bring geocaching into disrepute, never drive your car anywhere other than on the highways and byways, and always park legally.

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    Teasel Guest


    The guidelines are now available on the GAGB webpages here.

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