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Thread: Forestry Commision

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    I'm new to this forum and am trying to look at old threads covering the Forestry Commision's attitude to caching.

    Do they currently have a policy on caching?

    I have e-mailed the manger at a local forest for permission to place a cache. I have given him a copy of the GAGB guidelines in attempt to reassure him it would be done responsibly.

    Does anyone have experience with the FC at other locations in the country that may bolster my request. i.e. I could put to him that the 'FC at XYC had given permission with certain provisions etc.'

    Any advice greatly appreciated.


    Obi. h34r:

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    GAGB has recently been negotiating with the FC regarding caches in the New Forest. See this thread for details. This is for the New Forest only, but you may want to await the outcome of this, as an agreement with the FC there would obviously be helpful when talking to the FC anywhere else.
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    A curteous approach to your local Ranger will be fine, including the latest guidelines. The New Forest agreement has not been finalised and whilst you could mention that we are negotiating it, it won't be much help yet.

    Please let me know how you get on.

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