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Thread: geo caching virgin

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    Default geo caching virgin

    My mum would like to try geo caching, (so would my son and I) but we dont know where we can get co-ordinates or clues to co-ordinates. can someone please point us in the right direction?

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    Hi Welcome.

    There are several listing sites by far the largest is

    You will need to log on there and create an account. It is free, if you enter your postcode when prompted it will show you the nearest to home. To start with select traditionals (the cache is at the coords given) all caches have a terrain and difficulty rating from 1 to 5. So a 1/1 is the easiest and 5/5 the hardest. Aim for the lower end of the scale for the first few.

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    Which part of the country are you from? Someone may offer some local help.

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    As well as the site mentioned, Opencaching UK has recently started and is aimed at UK cachers rather than a worldwide audience.

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    Welcome to the hobby.

    As has been said there are various sites to use to get cache details : are the largest and are worldwide. All are free to join and will give you details of caches located closest to you. Something worth considering is attending an event cache. Basically a good excuse for a group of cachers to meet up and have a chat.

    And we're here to help with anything we can

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    If you join and opt to recieve the Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter you will be able to find cachers meets local to you.

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