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Thread: Wildlife trusts

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    Default Wildlife trusts

    I've approached the parent group to try and expand the Hampshire agreement to a countrywide level.

    I think the Hampshire agreement is an acceptable compromise and the manager at the trust is more than happy to act as a reference as she feels it has worked very well.

    If the approach isn't successful or they'd prefer to proceed on a basis of trust by trust then I'm happy to do so.

    If anyone has an issue with this or has any suggestions then please post here.

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    the staffordshire wildlfie trust have a good system, very easy to follow and includes the leaflets to advertise the local trust.

    Shropshire wildlfie trust talked to me ages ago but have since not responded to any attempts at contact, i passed the details onto the wombles ages ago i dont think they had much more success.

    Id say that pointing the national body at these exisitng agreements and permission systems would be a good thing, the wardens will see any cache trails and cachers at some point. Indeed the staffordshire warden at loynton moss was aware of one cache bordering thier land.

    Good luck
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    Welshbird has a cache on the edge of a Worcestershire Wildlife Trust reserve - GC1MF68:

    "Tiddesley Wood is a Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Reserve, located on the outskirts of Pershore. Thanks to the Trust for giving me permission to place this cache."

    WWT are a fairly forward looking trust, they may have some sort of policy in place already.

    Cheers, H.

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