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Thread: SE Caching forum

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    Default SE Caching forum

    SE Caching forum

    Just what it says!

    Covers geocaching matters over the SE corner of England and London.

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    We did have a link to SE Caching, but it pointed to their home page. I've now updated it to point directly to their forums.
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    Default Hello!

    Hi I am interested in getting into geocahing with my family - seems a good way of getting them to walk! I was wondering if there are any other families in Kent who take part? i am not quite sure best way to get started. We haven't a GPS yet but hope to borrow one and try it all out before spending money. Any advice really would be gratefully received.

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    hi, glad you've decided to try the hobby. One solution is to attend an event cache, There is a monthly meet of the Kent cachers log on to and seee this:

    If that one's not possible all you need to do is search for event caches from your home postcode..... or just ask for some kindly soul to take you out for the day, a check on whose caches are nearest to you and who has the most could point you in the right direction.

    hope that helps

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