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Thread: GPSport 245 from Maplin

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    Default GPSport 245 from Maplin

    Hi. We are newbies to geocaching and are looking to buy our first GPS unit. Whilst searching the web we came across a unit from Holux called a GPSport 245 - has 200,000 waypoints, logs location to track back to, directions and distance to geocache point, IPx6, but seems a little on the cheap side at 45.00 sale price, normally 79.99. Does anyone know anything about this unit, good or bad ?

    Can't post a link due to system restrictions, but Maplin product code is A87JH.

    Any thoughts welcomed. Thanks.


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    Link to webpage

    I'd worry about it being re-chargable... Nice to be able to change the batteries while you're out and about in the middle of nowhere!

    (I know it says 18 hours, but that's when it's new, after awhile that gets shorter.)
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    We felt the same way, so we went for a Garmin eTrex HC.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply

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